Manny (manniness) wrote,

The Champion’s Hatter

an Alice in Wonderland (2010) fan fiction

by Manniness



Written for the Alice in Wonderland Big Bang 2010

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Pairing(s): Alice Kingsleigh & Tarrant Hightopp (romantic), Chessur & Tarrant Hightopp (friendship)


ANGST (seriously, you will need a box of tissues), Character Death, Sensuality

Summary: Happiness is rarely gained without having to pay a price.  And in some cases, it’s the sacrifice itself that makes the rewards so sweet...

Word count: 16,000 (approximately)

yappichick & clay_roses & just_a_dram 

Artist: yappichick put together some lovely visuals with images from the movie and photoshop.  They are available HERE.

This story is completely independent of my One Promise Kept series, so Alice and Tarrant should seem different from their OPK counterparts.

Dedication: Thanks to a whole flibbinLOTTA bit of poking with virtual sharpened sticks from yappichick this fan fic actually... happened.  So, if you hate it... blame her.  And if you like it... blame her.  (^__~)  Also, a HUGE thank-you goes out to clay_roses for her abundant reality checks and enthusiastic cheerleading.  just_a_dram  has my everlasting gratitude for supplying me with an epic saga’s worth of feedback!  I must also thank the organizers of aiw_big_bang for setting the word limit at 15,000.  This pushed me to expand a 3,300 word confusing-as-all-hell~o short story into something much... muchier.  (^__~)

Companion Fic:  Unworthy  ::  A look at the relationship between two sisters.  Please mind the rating and warnings!

Disclaimer: Alice in Wonderland and its characters, storyline, setting, and other concepts are the property of Walt Disney Studios, Tim Burton, and Lewis Carroll.  No copyright infringement is intended and no compensation was given to the author for creating this work.


Part One  |  Part Two  |   Part Three  |  Epilogue

Themed wallpapers and icons by yappichick can be found and praised HERE!


Theme Songs:
“Misguided Ghosts” by Paramore from: Brand New Eyes (Thanks, Naranne!)
"Let It Go" from the soundtrack: El Misterio del Nilo (The Mystery of the Nile)
“Never Say Never” by The Fray from the album: The Fray
Tags: fic: the champion's hatter

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